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Driven by passion and inspired by excellence, our vision is to tastefully change the perception of healthy eating by making every food lover enjoy nutritious food.

We understand the struggle of eating healthy and missing the taste of junk food. When you are offered a whole bunch of nuts, seeds and oats mixed together. But that’s the challenge we wanted to take up; to create wholesome food that even a connoisseur would go nuts about!

Munchilicious granola is the best granola in India with a range of mouth-watering, power-packed snacks to energize you with a generous mix of protein, fibre, vitamins and a variety of good-for-you ingredients in every bite. They are no fuss edibles that adapt easily to your eating preferences, with milk, smoothies, ice - creams, yoghurt or even directly out of the box.

Munchilicious granola ensures that the highest quality control measures are taken to assure that each product is packed with handpicked ingredients and lots of natural flavours; ensuring that your efforts to maintain a healthy diet don’t slyly add inches to your body.

So go on, feed your hunger, not your guilt. Looking for the best granola price in India? Look no more — Munchilicious is your go-to brand for healthy snacks.

Why Munchilicious?

• Whole-day snacking to keep hunger pangs at bay

• Filled with rich nuts and seeds

• Easy to store and carry

• Guilt-free indulgence

• Meal replacement for on the go


If ur not having the munchilicious granola, you are seriously missing out on something .. I haven’t eaten a tastier snack of this kind.. it’s loaded with nutrition, is filling and the taste is super yum without a doubt .. I’m sure once you will have this, you will like no other snack of this kind.. Highly recommended and a must try.

Ritu Vivek Mirania

Have tried a couple of granola brands before but this one's becoming my favorite now, especially the chocolate granola by Munchilicious. Serving my mid-day munching purpose now with a taste to add! Runali Mehta

Just tasted the Original one - Simply the best granola (and I’ve tasted more than my fair share)! Munchilicious stands out as it’s perfectly crunchy, has a very generous proportion of nuts/ seeds and bags of flavour with no added oil! What more could I ask for. Gauri Shah

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